Spice Up Your School Uniform With These Celebrity Fashion Items!

Don’t let your school’s uniform get in the way of your style! 

To all the fashionistas out there, let's be honest, it's not always easy to make your school uniform look fashionable. Sometimes, it's quite difficult to add a touch of personality to your everyday uniform but don't worry, you can still join in on the shopping with other girls by picking up a few key pieces to spice up your uniform without going against your school's dress code. 

Some students end up with shortened skirts, untucked shirts, scuffed shoes - but let's face it, some teachers are not going to be happy about this and that's not exactly the look that we're going for. Take a cue from these celebrities and give your uniform some oomph with these fun extras!

#1 Pretty nerdy

For the longest time, glasses have been misinterpreted! But forget what you've been told, the over-used bullying term “four-eyes” is long gone and forgotten, in fact it's super stylish and it's nothing but in these days! Wear awesome specs with rad rims, patterned frames and coloful effects, can even make those with 20/20 vision want to give them a try!

Photo from Selena Gomez's Instagram

#2 Be the "mane" attraction

Wear hair accessories like a cool headband or an embellished clip and it will give you that flair you're looking for! Just keep it toned-down and simple so that you'd still look great in that school uniform.

Photo from Taylor Swift's Instagram

#3 Colorful Carry-all 

Of course, one thing everyone needs at school is a bag! Lug your books to and fro in a stylish and roomy knapsack just like Gianna's bag in the photo below!

Photo from Gianna Llanes' Instagram

#4 Funky school items

Add pazaaz factor to your notebooks and books by personalizing it! This won't only motivate you to study hard but carrying it around the campus screams individuality and style!

Photo from Ai dela Cruz's Instagram

#5 Layer it up

Wearing jackets or sweaters on top of your school uniforms is an instant fashion statement! And it's perfect for the rainy season in the horizon. Check out Demi Lovato's denim jacket below!

Photo from Demi Lovato's Instagram

#6 Put a ring on it!

Rings and earrings always add a twist to your uniform. It can instantly add sparkle to a dull uniform and it can surely catch everyone's eye! Just make sure that your school is okay with this!

Photo from Beyonce's Instagram

#7 Walk in style

Your school grounds can be your runway! Of course, if your school administration permits this, why not walk in style (and a little bit of height) with black pumps. Check out Cher Lloyd's shoes below! Or you can always opt for cute ballet flats for comfort with a dash of style. 

Photo from Cher Lloyd's Instagram

Which one of these fashion bits would you try? Feel free to leave your comments below!