5 Things You Can Learn From THE FAULT IN OUR STARS


You're probably already getting excited to see The Fault In Our Stars this Thursday, but before you get tired of all the "first look" segments we've been giving you, know first that unlike any other rom-com films you've probably already seen, this movie actually has a lot to teach people, not only to young adults but to everyone. And we've rounded them up below!

1. First of all, tt's a story about true love

Apart from anything else, initially John Green wanted to write a love story, saying: “Finally after many years of looking for my characters, I found Hazel and Gus. They have very different ideas about what constitutes a well-lived life, as well as contrasting world views, but they are brought together by their love for each other and for a book.”

And setting aside all the cheesy love lessons you've probably already heard, this movie will teach you that love will always be there. It fills in all the gaps, that “void” people always gab about, the cracks on the pavement of your thoughts and musings, the hollow in your soul, it gives your mind the most peaceful rest. There’s love. Even in the absence of positivity, and optimism. It’s constantly there.

2. It teaches you to live life to the fullest

You've probably heard this millions of times before, this movie emphasizes the quote "Live life to the fullest." Stare at life in the perspective of riding a roller coaster ride. It's exciting and thrilling with all its ups and downs. The meaning of life is something you create day after day with your actions and decisions combined with the realities life is offering you. Think about what you can learn from every decision and how you can keep moving forward. 

3. Books can change your life

Wether it's a heart-breaking memoir, a fantasy series or a self-help, it's safe to say that each time you open up a book it will leave a mark on you. Books are an escape. With a good sense of imagination, you can see the landscape and breathe in the atmosphere of the characters in a good story. That's why there's nothing better that books turned into films. You get to see visually the people, places and events coming to life. 

4. Illness shouldn't get in the way of experiencing life

Sure Hazel and Gus were both terminally ill, but that didn't stop them from moving far from their current situations. Cancer didn't define them. And they learned to live with it. Life can be unfair sometimes, but the idea of going beyond what you can do, that would be a life well lived.

5. Pay attention to the world around you

We live in a vast and wonderful world full of opportunities, all waiting to be experienced. Go beyond your self-preservation, take time to stop and notice to appreciate the mysteries and wonders of this world. Take risks and do what you want to do! Don't let your fears get in the way and prevent you from being authentic and reaching your fullest potential in life. Take the plunge!

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