Malefiftycent: 50 CENT Spoofs Angelina Jolie's Maleficent!

'Get witch or die tryin'

Step aside, Angelina Jole! 50 Cent wants to play Maleficent too! The rapper may not be the most kid friendly choice for the role, but the 80-second clip of 50 dressed up as the dark fairy in the aptly retitled MaleFiftyCent 'premiered' during the Thursday episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The parody trailer even goes with a tagline playing with the star's 2005 film "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" - while the voice-over announces that this is, 'The story you know. The villain you don't.'

This clip will surely make your day! Watch the video below!

From YouTube User Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Who would you rather see as the Disney villain: 50 or Angelina?