DANIEL PADILLA Sings About "Unlimited And Free" Love!

"Teen King" Daniel Padilla comes out with a new song that talks about unlimited and free love!

Titled "Unlimited And Free," DJ expresses his gratitude to everyone who's been there for him since he began his career in showbiz.

This is his way of giving back to his family and fans as he talks about the unlimited love he's been receiving from the people around him.

With the help of ABS-CBN Mobile, the song can be downloaded for free in different ABS-CBN websites!

Download the song now and share it to your friends! Feel free to use the hashtag #unlimitedandfree to let your friends know!

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  • iloveDPandDE

    posted 3 years ago

    Pwede po parequest nitong song

  • markkarm

    posted 3 years ago