30 Unforgettable Cartoon Theme Songs

Back in the good old days, kids would set their alarm beeping at a certain time just to catch their favorite cartoons on TV. Nothing else was worth getting themselves hurry home from school! Cartoons back then were awesome, they were works of art and their plot twists often went where children never, ever expected they'd go. 

What made them even more fantastic are the theme songs. Those tracks are guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days! They signal that you have exactly 30 seconds (give or take) to grab a TV-viewing snack and sprint from the kitchen to that sofa for another thrilling episode of whatever it is that you're watching at that time. 

From Transformers to The Little Lulu Show, we've rounded up the memorable animated classic theme songs for your listening pleasure. Check out the list below and sing along to your favorite ones! You may not know the exact lyrics but we're sure you can at least hum! Enjoy!

Hey Arnold

From YouTube User mohdarushad


From YouTube User Shout! Factory

Rocko's Modern Life

From YouTube User Shout! Factory

Powerpuff Girls

From YouTube User U4iA


From YouTube User KingMapleSeed

Scooby Doo

From YouTube User TITRO99's channel


From YouTube User joramma20

The Little Lulu Show

From YouTube User RetroHeroes

Johnny Bravo

From YouTube User Ronaldv002

Captain Planet

From YouTube User Sibhansh Hastey

The Jetsons

From YouTube User guillermo3650

Dexter's Laboratory

From YouTube User Danny Cash

As Told By Ginger

From YouTube User NostalgicThemes


From YouTube User MusicalMemoryLane

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

From YouTube User shinjieva2007


From YouTube User superherocartoonsite


From YouTube User Tatiana Mondragon

Pink Panther

From YouTube User smallghost0121

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

From YouTube User EKhan33

Spongebob Squarepants

From YouTube User tailspike1


From YouTube User WerewolfNL

Denver the Last Dinosaur

From YouTube User WEPTV

Chip and Dale

From YouTube User Jessie Morgan

Josie and the Pussycats

From YouTube User CartoonsIntros

Care Bears

From YouTube PARANOiAX9

GI Joe

From YouTube User C.T. Fought


From YouTube User LunarWolfPiggy

Mighty Mouse

From YouTube User tunapup1

Kim Possible

From YouTube User Gabriel H

2 Stupid Dogs

From YouTube User kofeto

Which one of these cartoon theme songs are your favorite? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!



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