KATY PERRY Launches Her Own Record Label

Photo from Katy Perry's Official Facebook Page

Katy Perry is about to make Teenage Dreams of becoming a singer a reality, come true. The pop star has just announced that she's starting her own label called Metamorphosis Music -- a joint venture with her current label, Capitol Records. 

And guess what? She already has her first signee!

The singer took to Twitter to voice her excitement saying:

The first to sign with Katy Perry's label is a Los Angeles-based pop-rock singer-songwriter Ferras. In his newly released song song entitled "Legends Never Die," Katy Perry duets with Ferras. Listen to the track below!

From YouTube User FerrasVEVO

Ferras' self-titled EP was released digitally on Tuesday on Metamorphosis Music/Capital Records. It included ive songs: Speak in Tongues, No Good in Goodnight, King of Sabotage, Champagne and Legends Never Die.

What can you say about Katy's new venture? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!