Steal DEMI LOVATO's Style!

Photo from Demi Lovato's Instagram

Demi Lovato expresses so much of herself through fashion. Her rocker-chic wardrobes are sexy and just a little bit unexpected. Her fans just can't get enough other fashion sense as she can pull off a ton of studs, spikes, and leather, and she manages to soften it all up with glamorous hair and makeup. 

Her rocker style isn't actually that hard to achieve. A quick run through her Instagram posts can give you a bit of style inspiration if you're also going for her style. 

But of course, fashion is not all about following a current trend but it's about being true to yourself and showing your personality through your wardrobe choices. So remember to add your own twist to the fashion pieces below!

1. From ombres to dip-dyes and bright hues, Demi has tried it all. If you want to go extra daring, try rocking Demi's gorgeous, ultra-flattering shades!


2. The key to getting that sultry smoky glare is the eyeliner. It doesn't have to be perfect, if you can't draw the perfect cat-eye, try smudging it a bit for sooty, smoldering rocker makeup. 


3. ACCESSORIZE. Wear a lot of them. Since Demi tends to glam up the rocker chick look she wears a lot of beautiful pieces of jewelry.  Check out the photo below!

4. Wear an all-black ensemble like Demi. But always consider the simple rule of mixing textures. This is the secret to wearing all black.

5. If you want to go the extra mile, paint your nails black with a little bit of glitter and follow cute patterns for a complete outfit. 

6. Throw on a denim jacket. Not only is it a perfect piece for the weather we're having. It's also perfect for the grungy look.


7. Bold lips look fabulous to put together a grungy-rocker-chic outfit. Keep your eye makeup understated for maximum effect.

8. Leather jackets can toughen up a girly outfit. It also helps you stretch your wardrobe even more by pairing it with just about anything.

9. Whether you stayed out late at a concert or you just want to look extra fab, invest in good pair of sunglasses. It's easy to pull off and it also protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. 

10. From caps to beanies to bowler hats and even turbans, Demi loves wearing hats! Try to incorporate a simple hat to your outfit, it's an instant fashion statement.

11. Nothing says rocker chick than a good old graphic tee. 

12. Invest in a good flannel/plaid top. One of the key pieces in any grungy outfit is a flannel shirt. Check out Demi's top below!

13. Add a little bit of sparkle to your wardrobe. Shine like Demi by adding a bit of glitter and studs to your wardrobe. 

14. For shoes, rocker chicks like Demi usually go for boots. Or chucks. They're a really big part of the grunge look. 

15. And lastly, it's all about the ATTITUDE. The perfect way to cap off this look is to have the confidence. 

How do you like to wear the pieces on Demi's Instagram posts? Feel free to leave your comments below!



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