Happy Birthday, JASON MRAZ!

Yes! Today is Jason Mraz's birthday! And MYXph would like to wish him all best. 

The acoustic singer-songwriter turns 37 today! Best known for the tracks, "I'm Yours," "Lucky," "The Remedy," "If It Kills Me" and the like, Jason is indeed an inspiration to millions of people around the world. His music is truly a blessing to many of us as it speaks to every listener's soul.  

Jason Mraz has taken his musical journey from coffee houses to stadiums around the globe and now he has two Grammy awards and six Grammy nominations. His songs, most frequently described as catchy, beautiful and radio-friendly are indeed a crowd pleaser and an earphone hugger as it's sure to epitomize everyone in his music's hot pot of emotions.

Jason is releasing his latest album, Yes!, on July 15. As the Grammy winner gets closer to the release date," he recently dropped a short film entitled "We Can Take The Long Way" giving his fans a three-course meal as it features three of his new songs. It's absolutely gorgeous and his killer croons would most certainly make you love his music even more. Watch the video below!

From YouTube User Official Jason Mraz

What are you expecting from Jason Mraz this year? Feel free to leave your comment down below!