Kapit, mga kapatid! IMAGO Is Back & They're Better Than Ever!

"After sixteen years we're still holding on to each other." 

While most bands would've called it quits after having such a huge departure, the much-loved pop-rock band Imago came back stronger and they're better than ever!

The now-quintet launched their brand new studio album last June 25 at the '70s Bistro entitled "Kapit." It's the band's first release after the they reemerged with a new lineup, having recruited Mayumi Gomez as their new vocalist and former Sugar Hiccup drummer Mervin Panganiban, with founding member Zach Lucero now on the rhythm guitar.

According to Mayumi, being a fan of Imago, she couldn't be more happy about how things turned out, saying "I was working on my electro-pop album, my solo project, I've been writing my own songs and then somehow, si Darwin, (Imago's manager) got to hear my album and then he contacted me if I wanted to jam with Imago. Siyempre, ako, yes naman! Kasi fan talaga ako ng Imago eversince. And then it turned out to be really good." 

When asked what pushes them to keep making music, according to Zack, it's the "feeling" that they're pumped up and happy that lead to the completion of their album and that inspires them to continue writing song. Their six-track EP-length album entitled Kapit is packed with songs that are very similar to their second album, the tracks are leaning more to heavier sounding, guitar-driven rock but it's unexpectedly simple with the elements of the songs and instruments profoundly permeating through out the album.

Their album launch marks a strong comeback for the five-piece music machine as they performed their newest tracks. The line up of bands was indeed a treat as Sandwich, Chicosci, Pedicab, Gracenote, and Cheats provided live music for the rest of the evening.

Click the video below to watch our full interview with Imago:

It looks like it's going to be a big year for the band as the music video for their second single is already in the works. And they're also planning a ton of school tours and bar tours to promote their latest album. More details are coming soon so we all have to watch out for that!

"Kapit" is now available at all leading record bars nationwide! Grab a copy now!


1. Kapit
2. Nagkalimutan
3. Summer Baby
4. Then Was Forever
5. Sa Wala
6. Malaya
7. Then Was Forever (remix)
8. Kapit (remix)

To see more of the photos from their album launch, click HERE!

If you already have your copies of "Kapit," let us know which is your favorite track by leaving your comments below!