Enter Owl City

Owl CityÆs music makes you want to look back and think about the last time you heard a really good song. Not the kind of song that you liked because of neither music charts nor sheer forces of the masses. Upon listening to front man Adam YoungÆs creative sounds, youÆll come to realize that you do have your own radar for talent. Owl City is one of the very few artists that bring out genuine positive acceptance from todayÆs music crowd thatÆs thirsty for works that are refreshingly original.

Unlike those chart-toppers that paved their way to the industry the easy way û through agents, contests or the internet, Adam Young started quite humbly in a small city located at Minnesota called Owatonna with roughly just 22 thousand inhabitants. There, Owl City was formed in a basement of a modest house where youÆll find young Adam working hard on his electronic and melodically infectious music of simple and singular beauty.

Being an only child in a small town, and having no musicians in his immediate family, Adam is hard pressed to say how it all started. Explaining that he always had a ôpushö to be creative, Adam picked up his first guitar in junior high school. Growing up in a ôsheltered bubbleö and being one of the more shy kids around the neighborhood, Adam seemed compelled to lend his time and creative ideas to music. ôIÆve always been the shy guy, I donÆt see that changing, but I definitely feel a lot more comfortable than I anticipated. I can hide behind the music.ö

While his music continues to win followers all over the world, Adam does indeed hide behind his music, not going by his real name (See: Badly Drawn Boy and Dashboard Confessional); but going by the moniker Owl City. Adam was searching more for a mood when coming up with a title for his sound, rather than something easily identifiable. He goes on to explain that most of the artists that catch his eye have something unique about their name, something that lingers.

With a long list of influencers - God, Optimism, Photography, Air Travel, Vegetarianism, Fashion, Foreign Accents, Swimming Pools, Thomas Newman, Owen, Armin van Buuren, Audrey Hepburn, C. S. Lewis, John Piper, Jane Langton, Kenneth Oppel, Robert Wyland, Richard Adams, Cary Grant, Jackson Pollack, Hubert de Givenchy, Carl Sandburg, to name a few, itÆs hard to believe that he was able to come up unparalleled music.

In special cases, itÆs the bashful that reaps the fruits of popularity. Despite his meek and quiet disposition, Adam Young reaches out to many with his one of a kind music. Word about his work reached the Philippines unexpectedly. His song Saltwater Room was initially picked up by a top radio station. Due to word of mouth, his songs flew in social networking sites and later on, his first single, Fireflies is now at the top of the charts and is not stopping from moving up. The Philippines is one of the few countries who initially discovered the phenomenal potential of Owl City û enough proof that the preference of Filipinos is still at par with the rest of the world.

Owl City released their new album entitled, Ocean Eyes at a special introductory price thatÆs exclusively distributed by MCA Music available at your favorite record bars.