Sakto Sa Pasko!

The countryÆs hottest bands release an album just in time for Christmas season! Soupstar EntertainmentÆs big bands ù Sandwich, Callalily, Imago, 6Cyclemind, Pedicab, Duster, Blue Ketchup, Protein Shake ù together with the upcoming and talented artists ù Paraluman, Aurora, Manibela, and Ernville, created an all-original album that define the new generationÆs Christmas jingle.

The album entitled, SAKTO SA PASKO, consists of 12 original tracks under Soupstar Music, an independent record label established by the same group behind Soupstar Entertainment. The album is a fusion of genres from the distinct sounds of your favorite bands. It has 5 English and 7 Filipino tracks. What is more amusing is the special participation of the first Pinoy Dream Academy winner, Ms. Yeng Constantino, to SandwichÆs Simbang Gabi.

This is a dream project of the Soupstar Entertainment familyù the very first all-original Pinoy bands compilation Christmas album which is also the medium to thank all the supporters who have been with them through the years. Moreover, this album is an opportunity to be part of each familyÆs season of loving and giving. Listeners will surely relate to songs that depict Christmas experiences which possess both sentimental and humorous approach that is truly saktung sakto!