Here's What Went Down At SAM TSUI & KURT HUGO SCHNEIDER's Asia Tour 2014

YouTube sensations Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider staged a dynamite concert at the SMX Convention Center last June 25 and 26 and the duo proved that they can command a concert stage as much as they were able to do with our computer screens.

All the YouTube junkies who tirelessly watched their homemade music videos came to the show and for a while stopped blowing kisses to the heartthrobs on their computers and got to watch an epic live performance.

Kick-starting the show was a performance by Rita de Guzman giving the audience the opening act that they needed. She performed her own version of hit songs "If I Ain't Got You" and "All of Me" as well as an original track that made the crowd go wild.

Sam and Kurt performed all their smash hits; original songs, unique covers, mash-ups – with a couple of unexpected gems exclusive to their first show here. More than anything else, what made their Manila concert unforgettable was that they were able to connect with their fans here in Manila, making sure that communication was a two-way street through out the show.

For the first part of the show, the main focus was with their originals. "Make It Up" got everyone all hyped up for the rest of the evening. Fans were singing along to their songs but still Tsui and Schneider didn’t disappoint the long-time fans who wanted to hear the old stuff. 

Energy was bursting throughout the show. They got everyone out of their seats with their Michael Jackson and Let It Go/Let Her Go medleys, Journey's Don’t Stop Believing, Nelly's Just A Dream, and Britney's Hold It Against Me and with their '2013 Summer Pop Medley,' comprised of over 30 tracks crammed into it. 

In a phone interview with the duo, both of them admitted that they're not familiar with the music scene in the Philippines and that they have yet to hear the music that we've got here. And it looks like the two loved what they were able to hear. Rita De Guzman, who opened the show for them, got to jam  “Bring Me the Night” with Sam.

Sam confessed that he was most worried about Cups - their take on Anna Kendrick's Pitch Perfect piece. He told the crowd that it wasn't at all easy shooting their cover for this, telling everyone that they messed it up for about 50 times before perfecting it. But during their performance, everything went perfect.

They're just so endearing. Kurt also did his fair share of connection with his fans, he recorded the audience's screams at some part of the show and both of them threw various memorabilia – signed T-shirts, posters, wristbands – into the crowd, Tsui apologised for his lack of sporting ability.

For the final part of the night, the two sat on the steps of the stage and sang an acoustic version of their original song, “Don’t Want an Ending” and  “Wherever You Are.” Fans, at this point, selfied all the way as they sat super close to the audience!

Sam and Kurt did promise that they will be back! So for all the fans who missed the concert or are just dying to see them again, let's just hope and pray that we get to see them again next year!

To see more of the photos from the concert, click HERE!

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