Dress Like A Celebrity This Rainy Season!

We're in the midst of those transitional months — one day it's hot, the next it's cold, with rainy days peppered in between. Rain can be an aspiring fashion lover's worst nightmare. Dull, shapeless outerwear, frizzy hair, and runny make-up may ruin your entire style. You can avoid becoming a rainy day disaster, however, simply by looking for fashion items specifically meant for rainy days. And because we firmly believe that a little inclement weather is no reason to let your look suffer, we're focusing on staying stylish on those rainy days. Check out our fashion tips below to still dress to impress during this season.

1. Invest in a cool jacket. This is so important because you can throw it on every outfit, whether you're going to school or work, or for a good night out with you gal pals. It will pull your whole look together and keep you dry.

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2. When it comes to footwear during the rain, you can rock out those nice boots you have in your closet. This will add the pazaaz factor to every outfit and keep your feet warm and dry. 

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3. Always keep an umbrella handy!

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4. You can also go for a nice hoodie this time of the year. It gives you the whole laid-back factor while still looking effortlessly fab.

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5.  Sweaters can be your bestfriend at this time of the year. It's super easy to wear and it's sure to keep you warm this season.

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6. For the bad-hair-days that may come about during this season, combat that with a good pair of beanie. 

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7. Always carry with you a good scarf, not only will this keep you warm but it can also make any boring outfit look fashionable. Just make sure you choose on that will give your outfit a good pop of color. 

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8. Cross-body bags are a must-have this season. Wearing one will prevent your stuff from getting drenched from all the rain because when you're wearing your umbrella up, this type of bag will stay close to your body and under the umbrella.

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