Here's What Happened At COLDPLAY's "Ghost Stories" Japan Tour!


Coldplay's "Ghost Stories" Japan leg was probably one of the most anticipated tours to hit Asia this year. As expected, they were able to put out an oustanding show!

As soon as the lights dimmed, the magic of the night started. Their album "Ghost Stories" may have gotten a ton of mixed reviews but their performance that night was just stunningly beautiful. As they gravitated more on electronica with soundscapes offering glimmers of beauty, it was definitely a night Japanese Coldplay fans couldn't forget. This just goes to prove that Chris Martin may not be a magician, but he can surely make music come alive. Indeed, this officially affirms that Coldplay has officially awoken from their quasi-hibernation. It shows off the band’s post-dubstep soulfulness, with the simple beat-driven intro, the lush acoustic guitars and Chris Martin’s rich vocals that made the crowd go wild.

A lot of people may have missed out on this epic concert, but that's okay. Let's just hope and pray that they visit the Philippines ASAP!

To have a better look at the tour, see what happened to the winner of the MYX Takes You To COLDPLAY Promo winner, PHIA REGINA DE ARMAS from Paranaque City who got to experience the band's "Ghost Stories" tour at the Tokyo Dome and got to hangout with MYX VJ Chino at the Land of the Rising Sun!



1. Always In My Head
2. Charlie Brown
3. Paradise
4. Magic
5. Clocks
6. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face 
7. Green Eyes 
8. Ink 
9. True Love 
10. Viva La Vida 
11. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall 
12. Midnight 


13. Oceans 
14. A Sky Full of Stars 
15. Fix You 

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