AJ RAFAEL Talks About Taking A Hiatus From Performing!

Just recently, AJ announced that he will be taking a break from the music scene saying he needs to step back and re-assess himself but according to him, "If you know me, it's never over for sure."

During the AJ Rafael x Quest show held Tuesday night, had the chance to talk to AJ and ask him about his decision of taking a break from the scene.

According to AJ, the main thing about it is that he needs to take time for himself saying, "[I need to] step back a little bit, re-assess... I'm actually very excited for the break. Who knows how long it's gonna last."

As for the what triggered his decision, AJ shared that he was going through a lot of personal stuff. "I've been thinking about a break for so long... I was questioning my music a lot, there was a lot going on in my mind. I should just step back for a little bit," he said.

Click the video below for our full interview with AJ Rafael:

To read AJ's entire letter about his announcement, click here.

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