19 Lines From #MYXCelebVJToni's Songs Na Magpapaalala Sa Inyo Kung Gaano Kasarap Ma-Inlove!

Marami sa inyo ang mag-aagree kapag sinabi namin na ang sarap talaga ng feeling kapag in love ka. Yung feeling na excited kang gumising sa umaga dahil alam mong andyan pa rin siya sa piling mo. Yiheeee!

Kung hindi ka naniniwala diyan, heto ang ilang lines mula sa mga kanta ng ating MYX Celebrity VJ for July na si Toni Gonzaga na magpapaalala sa inyo kung gaano kasarap ma-inlove!

"Sweetest Song" (Celestine, 2014)

1. "I swear to never leave your side, with you I feel alive."
2. "You've made me a better me, much better than I used to be."
3. "You are the sweetest song I sing, the sweetest song that love can bring, you're my everything."

"Can't Help Myself" (All Me, 2010)

4. "Whatever comes our way, we'll be together come what may."
5. "I can't help myself from falling in love with somebody like you, 'cause your feelings are true."
6. "Gaze at a star 'cause that's what you are. You light up my life once again."

"If I Give You My Heart" (Love Is..., 2008)

7. "If I give you my heart, please don't tear it apart 'cause this heart is for you."
8. "From the day we met, I knew that we were meant."
9. "Being with you feels like forever after."

"Got You" (Celestine, 2014)

10. "You touched my hand and from that moment, forever means by your side."
11. "There'll be no rhyme, no valentine, no space in time if I ain't got you. No sunny skies, no mountain high, no butterflies if I ain't got you."
12. "You are my world, my heart, my soul and I'm never gonna let you go."

"We Belong" (You Complete Me, 2006)

13. "I knew it from the start, we belong."
14. "Complete me, you complete me. I've never felt this way. Complete me, you complete me like words and melody."

From YouTube user drthuganomics023

"Catch Me, I'm Falling" (Falling In Love, 2007)

15. "I can't go along pretending that love isn't here to stay."
16. "How can something so wrong feel so right all along? Catch me, I'm falling for you."

"Finally" (Celestine, 2014)

17. "Everything you do, every day with you, every moment is forever."
18. "You're the one I can't live without, wanting more and more of your smile."
19. "Could it be the sparkle in your eyes, or the magic of your smile? Finally, I've fallen in love."

O, pwede niyo na rin yan idedicate sa inyong special someone! <3

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