#FlashbackFriday: 27 Unforgettable Anime Theme Songs

It was the during the '90s that the anime explosion began, the Japanese invaded our TV screens, ranging from Saturday morning cartoons to the afternoon shows kids just couldn't wait to get to home to. 

But really, what made them even more memorable are the openings. Every hardcore anime fan does not simply skip the opening and ending songs of any anime series because the experience will never, ever be complete without them. It's only a minute and a half long, but it truly gives us a glimpse of what is to come next. The best anime songs are those that truly connect its music to the stories, the characters and the overall feel of the entire anime series, through its lyrics, style and melody.

Check out the list below and if you're a true-blue anime fan, the lyrics may be in Japanese but we're pretty sure you can sing along to your favorite ones. Enjoy!

1. Pokemon

From YouTube User MrPoke3000

2. Flame of Recca

From YouTube User Zander Lexus

3. Voltes V

From YouTube User salim abd

4. Ghost Fighter

From YouTube User Emil Joseph Mediavillo

5. Super Boink

From YouTube User churvaball

6. Ranma 1/2

From YouTube User Youkoso

7. Si Mary at ang Lihim na Hardin

8. Remi

9. One Piece

From YouTube User AwardsProduction

10. Slam Dunk

From YouTube User xXNaminaUsunaiChaxX

11. Akazukin Chacha

From YouTube User Syit Brix

12. Magic Knight Rayearth

From YouTube User Michael Salvahan

13. Cinderella

14. Julio at Julia

From YouTube User boyutut

15. Blue Blink

From YouTube User Richellieu Ecal

16. Heidi

From YouTube User Nishant Nayak

17. Samurai X

From YouTube User wesley henrique

18. Trigun 

From YouTube User Thedilo

19. Sailor Moon

From YouTube User rhinaichigo

20. Dragon Ball

From YouTube User Kubiubo's Cavern

21. Tom Sawyer 

From YouTube User agentXneo

22. Detective Conan

From YouTube User rolfch1p

23. Naruto

24. Sakura

From YouTube User David Sánchez

25. Lupin

From YouTube User Canal de generacion1982

26. Daimos

From YouTube User Michael Reyes

27. Doraemon

From YouTube User Jennifer Nguyen

Which one of these cartoon theme songs are your favorite? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!



  • Rjk15

    posted 3 years ago

    I agree with anonymous903ak :D
    Pag nagka J-pop kau maraming matutuwa, like us, haha.

  • anonymous903ak

    posted 3 years ago

    We want a segment exclusively for Japanese music! J-POP, J-ROCK and anime themes~ Kung may K-POP, why not try J-POP diba? Madami kayong mapapasayang fans pag ginawa nyo ito. Onegaishimasu MYX! :)

  • YsunnY

    posted 3 years ago

    Wala yung "Cedi, Ang munting Prinsipe," at "Sarah, ang munting prinsesa." XD

  • dilan22

    posted 3 years ago

    before i forgot "Hell Teacher Nube" :))

  • dilan22

    posted 3 years ago

    @RapidBlade baseball un db taz my bilog sila sa mga dibdib taz pag napasukan ng bola dibdib nila napa-paralize sila if im not mistaken?!! pahabol ko lng ung THUNDER JET! :))