BEGIN AGAIN: A Movie For All Music Lovers


Back in 2006, Irish writer-director John Carney made his directorial debut for the Oscar-winning film "Once,"a modern-day musical about the power of music; how it is able to heal and tell our love stories. Eight years after, Carney returns with his musical genius to the big screen through his latest film, "Begin Again." It's a soul-stirring comedy about the realities of the music industry nowadays, presenting it in the most charming, even comforting way that ends up to be a truly beautiful story.

The film tells the story of Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a down-on-his-luck music executive who suddenly gets fired from a compony he co-founded while his personal life is crumbling to pieces as well. At a Lower East Side bar he sees Gretta (Keira Knightley) a shy English songwriter who arrived in New York with her rock-star boyfriend, Dave (Adam Levine) who is on the brink of giving up her musical dreams after the unexpected heartbreak and frustration with her former lover Dave. Dan reaches out to her with a business proposal that leads to something big.

The film's attitude toward music is that it's a means of some kind of an art therapy. What's interesting is, all of the characters in the film have been broken by music. Dan needs Gretta to revive his career. Gretta needs him for his pushy encouragement and to take her mind off Dave. Dave faces the brutal realities of the music industry.  

“Begin Again” is a New York fairytale. It dares to be different from all the Hollywood cliches and to take a different route from the usual romance formula. It's exactly the inspiring, uplifting movie for everyone who is a lover of music.

In a press interview Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine, expressed that “It might sound heavy to say but the film asks the question: can a song save your life? I do believe that the energy you feel when you hear a song that you respond to emotionally – it can change your life, and maybe save it in a way. Music saved my life, because I love it so much that I don’t know what I would do without it.”

"Begin Again" is genuine, it's simple and just downright worthy to watch. Check out the trailer below!

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Dan and Gretta's chance encounter emerges an enchanting portrait of a mutually transformative collaboration, set to the soundtrack of a summer in New York City.

Check out the tracklist below!

1. Adam Levine – Lost Stars
2. Keira Knightley – Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home
3. Adam Levine – No One Else Like You
4. Cee-Lo – Horny
5. Keira Knightley – Lost Stars
6. Adam Levine – A Higher Place
7. Keira Knightley – Like A Fool
8. Cessyl Orchestra – Did It Ever Cross Your Mind (Demo Version)
9. Cee-Lo – Women of the World (Go On Strike!)
10. Keira Knightley – Coming Up Roses
11. Cessyl Orchestra – Into the Trance
12. Keira Knightley – A Step You Can’t Take Back
13. Adam Levine – Lost Stars (Into the Night Mix)
14. Cessyl Orchestra – The Roof Is Broke (Demo Mix)
15. Keira Knightley – Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home (Rooftop Mix feat. Hailee Steinfeld)
16. Cessyl Orchestra – Intimidated By You

The soundtrack will be available in CDs by July 21.

Don't forget to catch "Begin Again" in cinemas! It's already in theaters nationwide!