Weekend-To-Do: Here Are 5 Things To Do This Weekend!

The gloomy weather outside can ruin even the cheeriest moods. But you should not let that rain on your parade! Ward off boredom with activities that's sure to beat the dreary weather. Here are 5 things you can do (or should be doing) this rainy weekend we are up against. 

1. Movie Marathon

Feed your inner movie buff and watch a film you wouldnt normally see. Try a different genre! Whether its film noir or indie or mainstream. Its always nice to change things up.

2. Get cozy and read

There's nothing like reaching new places and going on adventures without leaving the comfort of your own home. Pick up ypur favorite novel or a whole new one and drink some hot choco as you go.

3. Pump your muscles

Theres never a bad time to start exercising and getting in shape. What's fun about home workouts is you can do it with your family, or even your pet! It can be as simple as walking up and down the stairs.

If you're looking for a good playlist to listen to while working up a sweat, click here!

4. Make your house squeaky clean!

General cleaning can actually be a fun activity especially if the whole family joins in. Turn up the radio as you do and you might even find coina lying around the nooks and crannies of your room.

5. Challenge your siblings/parents to a videoke battle

If there's anything the Filipino family loves doing, its singing. So why not up the challenge and battle it off with your family? You can sing rain-themed songs and the singer with the highest point wins! Just make sure your voice wont make it rain harder. Tip? Vocalize!

How are you going to spend this rainy weekend? Feel free to share it in the comments section below!



  • Nika_me_lizzie143

    posted 3 years ago