Dress Up Like JESSIE J For Her Concert Tonight!

You guys are probably super excited for Jessie J's concert tonight and you can't decide on what to wear for the awesome night that's just a couple of hours away. Here's something that you might just be helpful.

Some would describe Jessie J's style as over the top. For a long time it was nothing but animal print spiked body suits. But a quick scan through her Instagram pictures can give you great style inspiration. Looks that are tame enough to wear in public but still wild enough for you to get the right kind of attention. 

But more than anything else, her style proves that even the kookiest celebrity style has something to teach us. Jessie J's style also reminds us that it's totally okay to have fun, show a little skin and march to the beat of your own drum.

1. This leather jacket and boyfriend jeans combo is just gorgeous. Try rocking a similar outfit tonight, not only does this show off a stylish rocker edge vibe, it looks super comfortable too!

2. The best way to finish off Jessie J’s look is with accessories. So for tonight, accessorize! It's a great way to add pazaaz factor to even a really simple outfit.

3. Shorts + sneakers combo should be everybody's go-to concert outfit. Wear a really cool jacket with it and you're good to go!

4. If you want to capture the bodysuit essence without feeling like aerobics Barbie, you can take an old tip from Jessie J wear a nice body ensemble. It's well put-together, it's fashionable and it's really sexy. You can never go wrong with this outfit.

5. A must-have for a Jessie J wardrobe is a good pair of skin-tight pants. It's a versatile piece that you can wear with just any kind of top.

6. If you're not exactly digging Jessie's "out there" style. You can rock a toned down version of her fashion sense. Just wear an over sized shirt with a really great pair of legging and you've nailed the Jessie J look! 

7. Jumpsuits are an easy choice to create a fun and relaxed sophisticated evening outfit. Give jumpsuits a try and you'll never look back!

8. Jessie wears a lot of crop tops!  If you want to get into wearing cropped tees, but feel nervous about exposing your entire stomach, Jessie J’s look is a great place to start because her high waisted pants can make you feel less exposed. 

What are you going to wear for Jessie J's concert tonight? Feel free to share it in the comment section down below!