PIOLO PASCUAL And His Son IÑIGO Collaborate For The First Time In New Music Video "Brighter For You"!

Actor Piolo Pascual has released a brand new music video alongside his very talented son Iñigo for the song "Brighter For You"!

The said music video is such a touching sight for everyone where we get to see the strong bonding of Piolo and Iñigo, in photos and in real life, as Piolo sings about wanting to give his son a very bright future and Iñigo talking about how his dad has inspired him to become the man he is right now.

Watch Piolo and Iñigo's "Brighter For You" by clicking the video below:

"Brighter For You" is the very first collaboration of Piolo and Iñigo! Love the song and the music video? You can vote for it here on and bring to the MYX charts! 

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  • JadeGonzalez

    posted 3 years ago

    please share this beautiful song...