COLBIE CAILLAT Stands Up For Natural Beauty In New Music Video

Photo from Colbie Caillat's Instagram 

Ladies, get ready to feel really empowered. 

In her new music video,  for "Try," from the EP Gypsy Heart, has an important message to women: stop trying to keep up with the impossible beauty standards of today as she deconstructs the photoshopped and overly edited images of women in the media. 

Of course, the powerful lyrics of the song extends far beyond the photoshopping of just models, celebrities and actresses. It goes to all the women - and people - for them to embrace their true beauty, urging everybody to go about this world in the real and natural you.

Colbie was inspired to write this song from her own experience in the music industry. She felt a lot of pressure to become someone she was not, this is with regards to both her image and music. She vented out her frustrations to a friend, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. She told him that even though she didn't want to, she had to give in to make them happy. 

A glammed-out Colbie begins the song along with several other women. And as the video goes on, the makeup comes off, and viewers get to see what each woman looks like without all the makeup. Caillat wants women to like themselves first, and to believe that you are beautiful just the way you are.

Watch the music video below!

From YouTube User ColbieCaillatVEVO

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