THE DAWN Releases New Single "Habulan"!

"We felt it was time for new stuff." - Jett Pangan, The Dawn.

OPM band The Dawn has dropped their new single "Habulan"! The single will be included in the band's upcoming album which is set for release by the end of 2014.

According to Jett, the concept of the song came from him and he also got some help from Vin Dancel. "The song is about chasing your dreams. It acknowledges the difficulties. It's chasing after something but it's also a challenge to yourself to actually reach that goal," Jett said.

Watch a special behind-the-scenes video from The Dawn's recording session of "Habulan" by clicking the video below:

Watch out for the MYX Premiere of The Dawn's brand new music video "Habulan" this Wednesday, July 16 @ 6PM on the MYX channel on cable!

After the MYX Premiere, you can already vote for "Habulan" here on! Register, verify your e-mail and type: Habulan - The Dawn on our online voting poll at the right side of your screen on our homepage!

You can also catch The Dawn on a brand new episode of MYX Live this coming July 23 @ 9PM!

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