Sister Act: 5 Famous And Fabulous Pinoy Celebrity Sisters

This fascination with celebrity sisterhood is truly a favorite pastime for some. 

Whether they're soulful singers like Karylle and Zia or besties like Anne and Jasmine, sisters share a unique and interesting bond. And it's really interesting to see that some families just seem to have an abundance of talent, smarts and beauty. So whether you're trying to guess who's the oldest, who's the more talented, the hotter one and etc., but the best thing to do is to stop comparing and appreciate the talents of each and every one of this girls.

Because really, there’s nothing like having a sister. Someone to share clothes with — and all of your secrets, and just about everything. Siblings play a huge and vital role in shaping anyone's lives, and many of today’s stars probably wouldn’t be where they are if it hadn’t been for their family members.

They say blood is thicker than water and this certainly seems to be true when it comes to these 5 fabulous Pinoy sisters.

1. Alex and Toni Gonzaga

The Gonzaga sisters are definitely making big waves in the entertainment industry today. Known for their wit, charm, beauty and talents, Alex and Toni both prove that there's no need for sibling rivalry for their stars to shine. Toni Gonzaga has proven to become one of the most versatile talents in the industry, an esteemed host, with a successful singing career and box office hit movies to top that all off. Younger sister Alex slowly follows in Toni's footsteps with her new series entitled "Pure Love" and her reputation for being the funny and charming actress/host that she is. 

Recently, their version for "Let It Go" went viral in the internet, everyone can't get enough of their funny antics. Watch them belt out to the song below!

From YouTube User Toni GonzagaOnline

2. Karylle and Zia Quizon

Both Karylle and Zia have conquered the music scene with their impeccable singing talents. With Karylle's ballad songs and Zia for the jazzy hits,Their artistic evolution and musical transformation has wowed audiences and kept them wanting for more. These two obviously got their talent from their mom, Zsa Zsa Padilla.

Check out their ballet-inspired number with their mommy in the video below!

From YouTube User ABS-CBN News

3. Maxene & Saab Magalona

The Magalona sisters are known for their hit primetime shows. Maxene is an established actress and model, while Saab has carved a niche for herself in the independent music scene while also creating buzz as a popular blogger. These two have proven themselves outside of their dad's shadow.
The awesome twosome also have a ton of followers in social media. It's really no wonder why, these two share the most random posts and we can't help but love them. Check out this one below!

4. Jasmine and Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis is one of the biggest names in showbiz today. Why? Because she has proven that she can do it all. She's an actress, a dancer, a host and she also conquered the concert stage with her sold-out shows. It's really no wonder why the madlang people love her and her little sister. Following her big sister's footsteps is Jasmine Curtis-Smith. The young actress is captivating the hearts of Pinoys as well.

Check out the video below and watch how the two spend quality time with each other.

From YouTube User Jasmine Curtis-Smith

 5. Shaina Magdayao & Vina Morales

Unlike many superstar sisters in the Philippines, Vina Morales and Shaina Magdayao are sisters whom you don't need to compare. They're both established actresses and performers. They both have distinguishing factors that truly set them apart, with their achievements from the entertainment fields of television, film, and music.

Check out Shaina's Instagram post and see how they bond!

Who's your favorite celebrity sister? Feel free to share in the comments below!