JESSIE J Captures Moments In Manila

Photo from Ai de Cruz's Instagram

It looks like Jessie J enjoyed her visit in Manila as much as we loved her concert last night.

The popstar certainly didn't disappoint her fans with her spectacular and all-consuming performance at her one-night concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Being one of the most explosive and divisive artists in today's pop scene, everyone had an undeniably spectacular experience. But the British singing sensation still had the time to share a ton of snaps in her Instagram account from her 3-day stay here.

Check some out below!

The "Domino" hitmaker posted a photo of her and our very own VJ Ai, with Morisette Amon and Ginger Conejero. 

She even collaged photos from her meet and greet here.

"Opened my hotel door to go down to breakfast and this ant/lizard/dragon/crocodile was on my arm ???? I have a new friend ?? he lives in my room somewhere #manila" Along with this caption, Jessie shared a snap of a butiki from her first encounter with it!

Jessie also shared a ton of snap from her swimming session/photo shoot from the night before the show saying: "Them bait ones... First downtime we have had all trip so yeah bit of a photo shoot never hurt no bady! #manila #philippines #lastshowtonight"

The "Pricetag" singer also shared this really adorable photo with her opening act, Myk Perez.

In one photo, she thanked everyone who made her Manila show possible. "Takes a lot of people to put on a show! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who made tonight's show in Manila possible and to all the crews in all the venues at all the shows and all the hotels and everywhere I have been on this tour! I appreciate you all. X #teamworkmakesthedreamwork," she wrote. 

And to cap off her photo series in Manila, Jessie posted a beautiful "byebyemanila" selfie. Her caption read, "I am so ready for a good nights sleep! I have had a blast touring china and the Philippines but I have never experienced such weird bad jetlag. Woof! Here is my face very tired and close up. ???? #hometime #for24hours #byebyemanila #willmissyou #wontmissthejetlag #butwillmissyou ??????"

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