5 Tasty Treats For Your Rainy Days

We hope you guys are all safe and warm indoors right now. Typhoon Glenda shouldn't succeed in bringing down our moods. There's a long list of ways on how to be merry even if the sky is gloomy. Of course, the best ways for you not to be bummed when you're stuck at home or when you have absolutely nothing to do, we've listed down 5 delectable dishes you can whip up in the kitchen and share with your friends while y'all wait for the rain to stop. Because almost always food is the solution to lift up your mood! 

1. Champorado 

If you were a 90’s kid you’ll remember well how frequent power outages were back then (especially during storms which also happened all too often!). A serving of hot champorado always makes up for the BV that comes with the brownouts. Champorado is porridge made with cocoa tablets or tablea, which is usually served with evaporated milk and sugar. 

From YouTube User Panlasang Pinoy

2. Hot Chocolate

This is the ultimate comfort drink! Drink it with marshmallows or spike it with chili powder. This drink will never fail to calm your senses. 

From YouTube User Kandee Johnson

3. Bibimbap

Put your leftovers into good use and actually make it yummier with this dish. Bibimbap is your go-to recipe. The only real cooking you'll have to for this one is the egg and rice. It's an instant upgrade for your usual fried rice.

From YouTube User Claire Marshall

4. Mac & Cheese

It's easy, cheap and it only takes a few ingredients to make. How can that not make you feel better?

From YouTube User POPSUGAR Girls' Guide

5. Ham and Potato Chowder

Another hot treat that can warm the body under the cold weather is a ham and potato chowder. This is creamy soup is the tastiest and cheapest comfort food that you can whip up! It's best served with bread and best eaten with your family!

From YouTube User Jay del Corro

What do you like to eat during cold days?