#ThrowbackThursday: Pinoy Favorite "Bagyo Weather" Pastimes

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Filipinos always manage to find ways to brighten up their days even in the gloomiest weather. Dig into your childhood and probably one of the best memories would come from the bonding moments brought out by the class and work suspensions. Kids would usually bundle up together with their parents and siblings while waiting for the rain to stop. But back then, there were classic activities that families would usually do to kill time. 

Let's look back and reminisce with these 8 Pinoy favorite pastimes. Enjoy!

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Albeit this may now be a less popular pastime among the younger people, this has been a go-to time killer back in the old days-well, if you consider a decade ago old. The one that ends up with the most shells or "sigay" wins, with the additional incentive of bragging rights for the day.

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Conveniently versatile, you can play with cards on your own (think solitaire, or its variation: Spider Solitaire) this may be one of the most ideal time killers for everyone; you can play this for hours and probably not even notice the storm had stopped.

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Since everyone at home's probably avoiding stupor-inducing boredom, you don't need anything else for this activity but an open heart and an open mind (sounds a bit baduy though, does it?) but engaging in meaningful conversation's one of the best ways to let time pass and bond with the family. Pinoys generally love to talk, so there's no surprise this one's on the list.

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Best with #3. There's nothing like staying at home with your family while conversing over a steaming bowl of sopas, the ultimate Filipino comfort food.

Typhoons in our country are almost always crazy, so it's a relief that the radio is almost always readily available and can run even on batteries; you'll never miss any weather updates, plus you can always tune in to your favorite FM station if the boredom is getting that bad.

Back in the good old days, kids would actually form a circle and exchange their spookiest ghost stories. Nothing was more exciting and engaging than the "gulatan" that comes with this.

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Before Facebook was invented, the best way to get in touch with a friend was to literally visit them in their houses. Sometimes, even barging in, that is if you guys are that close. Also through "pangangapit-bahay" you get the best updates, this later on, turns to another "chikahan" session.

Back then and up until now, this has got to be everyone's favorite pastime, bad weather or not. This plus eating is all-time favorite combo.

What's your favorite "bagyo weather" pastime? Feel free to share it in the comments below!