SELENA GOMEZ Gets A New Tattoo

Photo from Selena Gomez's Instagram

In between sharing cryptic posts and inspirational quotes, telling off online bullies and taking bikini selfies, Selena Gomez found time to get a fresh new ink. 

The 21-year-old singer a picture on Instagram revealing her new tattoo she received with Arabic writing, leaving her fans wondering if it is related to hardships experienced during rehab, lupus treatment and rumors of her being pregnant. The snapshot was captioned with "Art by @bangbangnyc --from my first to my last. It's always this fool." 

According to E! News, New York tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy revealed that the "Come and Get It" singer got her tattoo about a month ago, which is located on the upper right side of her back, "about a month ago," adding that "she had been wanting this one for a while." According to Bang Bang, "Selena already had it written out how she wanted. The tattoo is about 4 inches, and didn't take too long, probably about 30-45 minutes. The longest part is laying it out. We played with it a bit laying it out, until we found the perfect spot."

As for the significance of her new tat, the Arabic phrase translates to "Love Yourself First."

This isn't actually her first tattoo. According to Bang Bang, Gomez "has about 5-6 tattoos now" adding that he has tattooed the hitmaker about three times.

Check out Selena's new tattoo in the photo below!

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