A Dress Made Out Of Loom Bands Sells For $291,000 On eBay!

Photo from ebay/helenwrght72

It's the newest craze in the school playgrounds right now that even grown-ups have become addicted to these colorful bands that you could see them in just about anywhere.

Have you ever thought that you could actually hand-craft a dress out of this tiny colorful rubbers? Well, someone did. And this made her super-duper rich.

The genius behind the dress is a single mom Wales named Helen Wright. The idea came to her while helping out her 12-year-old daughter with a few loom band creations.

After having that lightbulb moment of creating an unlikely piece of garment, Helen Wright recruited the help of her friend named Katherine Burnand, who despite having arthritis, was eager to work on the dress. Kathryn  weaved around 24,000 loom bands to create a dress, which is made to fit a size four to six and it took her three-and-a-half weeks to weave the dress and £45 on 40 bags of 600 bands.three-and-a-half weeks to weave the dress and £45 on 40 bags of 600 bands.

Wright put a listing for the colorful garment on eBay with a starting price of £50. She listed the dress -- modeled by her daughter and they were shocked at the level of interest the dress had generated. It sparked a heated bidding war and in the end, here were 137 bids and the dress was sold at £170,000 /$291,000.

However, it is still unclear whether or not the winning bidder will actually pay for the dress, but "the website's rules say they must."

Do the math and compute that to Peso and Pinoy addicts from would start weaving their own pieces of garment.

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