ANGELINE QUINTO To Portray "Amalayer" In MMK

Remember Amalayer? The girl who was caught on video throwing tantrums while talking to a security guard, her video went viral online. In an upcoming episode of the long-running drama anthology "Maalaala Mo Kaya," Angeline Quinto will portray Paula Jamie Salvosa a.k,a. Amalayer.

In a preview episode of MMA, which will air tonight (July 19), Angeline acted out Amalayer's controversial incident of berating a female security guard at a train station, which later on led to her becoming a cyberbullying victim.

Watch the sneak peek below!

From YouTube User ABS-CBN Online

Back in 2012, the video was just everywhere. "Amalayer" became somewhat a household name. Within hours of the video's upload, the hashtag "#amalayer" and the word "LRT" trended nationwide and netizens reacted and criticized the girl in different social media for her supposed arrogance.

The spread of the video, according to Paula was the "darkest moment" of her life. But since then, she has managed move on from the "Amalayer" controversy. But it did change her life. 

Catch the "Amalayer" episode on MMK tonight at 8:15 PM!

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