Here's A Makeup Tutorial That's Good For Your Face And Soul

It’s no secret that YouTube is your go-to source for of all things DIY, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty.

Why spend money and time on professionals when you can get the best tutorials online, right? According to a recent survey beauty vloggers are definitely influential, a ton of women rally do stay tune on this beauty vlogs that are just all over the internet.

One of the biggest names in the YouTube world is Anna Akana. She's a filmmaker and actress who is most known for her online weekly show where she writes semi-autobiographical stories and acts out all the parts. In one of her recent videos, she responded to the requests from her fans to demonstrate exactly how she gets her face looking so beautiful in all of her uploads.

Her video will make you rethink your whole makeup regimen.

"Now to start off, dabble your eyes with optimism," she says dusting her lids with shadow. "It's all about your perspective on the world."

This is not your usual "here's how I apply eyeliner using a teaspoon" makeup tutorial and it's more than just contouring. To see what we mean, watch the video below!

From YouTube User Anna Akana

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