8 Of The Most Dyahe "Mahangin Sa Labas" Moments!

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Aaahh, there's nothing like a breath of fresh air. Man is made to appreciate nature. Even if you're not exactly an "outdoor person, " a simple stroll around the park while enjoying the breeze and the great outdoors is definitely a treat!

But with the weather we're having nowadays, even without the pouring rain, the wind alone can be really annoying. And we're pretty sure you guys can relate. Venturing outside even for your normal everyday activities can feel like to much of a hassle with the really windy weather. So we've listed down the most irritating "mahangin sa labas" moments. Check them out below!

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Hey, it may have worked out for Marilyn Monroe but not everyone is as hot as she is. With the weather we're having nowadays, the strong gust of wind can expose your legs to a not so flattering point. Well, girls should just go bid goodbye to their flowy sunday dresses in the mean time. 

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Isn't it just sooo annoying when you and your friends are totally psyched for a nice game outside (whether it's tennis, badminton or whatnot) and the wind keeps spoiling your awesome "instagram-worthy" shot? 

Everyone has probably already experienced this. With the swirling winds and pouring rain you're carrying a not-so protective weather gear, chances are, you end up getting really soaked in the rain. 

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A little "wind effect" can be your bestfriend after hitting the salon. But just like everything else in this world, too much of something can be really bad.  You know that feeling when you're all fab with your new hairdo and the wind blows so hard (you'd feel as if it's meant to ruin your newly styled hair)?

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Filing and stacking your papers is probably already a boring/annoying task but doing it all over again can really get on someone's nerves. You can probably imagine the situation, you've organized everything (put them in place, alphabetized, etc.) and you step outside to bring them somewhere else and there comes the wind, your papers end up on the floor. 

You're planning to "chill" outside. But then, a different kind of "chill" HITS you. This has probably ruined a lot of people's moods.  Not only does the wind make your meal irritatingly cold but it's to much of a hassle to chase your utensils while trying to eat outdoors.

Wind + newspaper = fail. Your quiet time to catch up with the daily news turns out to be a constant slap on your cheek with pages of the newspaper.

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The wind just makes your protective weather gear completely pointless. Enough said.

Is the windy weather annoying you too? Feel free to share your stories below!