GLOC-9 Thinks This Young Singer's Cover Of "Sirena" Is Better Than His Own!

Photo from Gloc-9's Facebook 

Simply put, there is only a small group of people in this entire world that deserves to be described as “born to sing,” and that's us - Pinoys!

True talents are scattered all across the archipelago and many go unnoticed. But with the help of social media and the evolving technology, many are gaining their much-deserved praise and recognition. 

Recently, a video of a young girl with some surprising singing/rapping talent surfaced the internet and many were left speechless with her stellar rendition of Gloc-9's "Sirena". The video was taken last June 28 at a Daniel Padilla Thanksgiving Concert in Tacloban City and was posted by a Facebook page called Hayop Sa Galing.

Kris Angelica didn't only impress netizens but also gained respect and admiration from Gloc-9 himself. The rapper shared this on his official Facebook fanpage saying: 

Kris Angelica (who was probably stunned and flattered by Gloc-9's compliment) thanked the rapper via Instagram, she wrote: "OMG. Thank you po Sir @glocdash9! Sobrang nakakaoverwhelm na mapansin nyo po yung cover song ko ng kanta nyo. I can't wait to meet you soon Idol! Thank you po talaga! And syempre sa HSG/Kuya Micoy (Hayop sa Galing) sa pagshare ng video ko, na naging dahilan para makita ito ni Sir @glocdash9! #blessed"

Watch Kris Angelica's "Sirena" cover below!

From YouTube User dranlehm

What can you say about Kris Angelica's rendition? Feel free to leave your comments below!



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