10 Reasons Why Filipino Fans Love 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!

Photo from 5 Seconds of Summer's Instagram account.

These boys captured the hearts of many with their YouTube covers a few years back. Early this year, they stormed the charts worldwide with their single "She Looks So Perfect," making them one of the most sought-after bands today.

Their songs were instant chart-toppers here on MYX, with "Don't Stop" spending days and weeks on top of the MYX charts!

With their success here in the Philippines and their continuously growing fan base, got in touch with the 5 Seconds of Summer PH Street Team (@5SOS_PHL) and asked them to give us 10 reasons why they love 5SOS!

Check them out below!

1. Young, Wild and Free

Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael are so passionate with their love for music. They love doing what they do for themselves and of course, for the fans. Despite their hectic schedules, these boys still do not forget to have a little play time with each other. Just check out their Instagram account and get to see their photos and videos!

2. Teen Kids, REPRESENT!

What's amazing about 5SOS is that they have their own record label called Hi Or Hey Records! 5SOS created this label for the fans as a way of thanking them for their undying support. This, according to the band, is their way of making sure that "nothing changes and we keep working together to make all of our dreams become reality."

Hi Or Hey Records is a record label where 5SOS fans can share their thoughts with the band's plans and it is also where they can show the boys how they are spreading the 5SOS love from all over the planet.

3. Authentic and Original

Want to know the secret behind the heartfelt songs of 5SOS? The boys themselves write and compose their own songs! They are able to pour out their feelings and emotions to their songs which makes it easier for their fans to relate to them!

4. Real Bands Save Fans, Real Fans Save Bands

According to the 5SOS PH Street Team, the band always finds the time to interact with their fans and they never forget to thank everyone who brought them to where they are today.

5. Fandom Crossover

When 5SOS toured with and opened for One Direction's "Take Me Home" tour, they were able to introduce themselves to millions and millions of people all over the world, and the world gave birth to the 5SOS fandom.

6. Family

5SOS fans from all over the world are like a family, extending from Australia, to Europe, to Asia and the whole planet! They have one common goal: To share the 5SOS love.

7. Inspiration

Their fans, composed mostly of teens, look up the boys as their inspiration. They inspire the fans to follow their dreams and what their heart desires.

8. They're Active on Social Media!

Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael personally update their own accounts and they never forget to interact with the 5SOS fam!

9. Brothers

They treat each other as their own brothers and they support each other with anything and everything.

10. Cuties!

They look so perfect, don't they?

For sure, these are just 10 of the MANY reasons why Filipinos love these boys from 5 Seconds of Summer! Of course, you also love them because of these music videos:

(Special thanks to Sam of @5SOS_PHL!)

We want to hear from you! Give us one reason why you love 5 Seconds of Summer! Feel free to leave your comments below!



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    sana maging cover sila ng MYX Mag :D

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    keep voting guys!! #EXO

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    Overdose - EXO!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

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    Overdose - EXO!!!