MYXclusive: Dubstep Violinist LINDSEY STIRLING Breaks Free In Her Brand New Album!

27-year old YouTube sensation Lindsey Stirling is back with a brand new album!

The dubstep violinist, who was in the Philippines last year for a couple of shows, has released "Shatter Me," a more mature album from Lindsey musically and thematically. got the opportunity to interview Lindsey via e-mail where she talked about her new album saying "I dug deeper to write this album and I wanted it to feel much more emotionally driven than my last album." According to her, her fans have told her that they can really feel the emotions in her tunes and that means a lot to Lindsey as an artist.

Lindsey revealed that at first, she was really scared to start with her new album. "I felt almost suffocated by the expectations built by my first album. There was a lot of pressure on me. But I prayed and sought for inspiration from God and I know that He helped give me the confidence and the peace of mind so I could share the talents that He has given me," she said.

Her carrier single "Shatter Me" is a story of a porcelain ballerina who lives inside a music box. "She's perfect and poised however when she begins to dance her perfect skin begins to crack. She is terrified because she wonders, 'If I break, will there be anything left of me with value?'. She decides to keep dancing causing her porcelain frame to shatter." Lindsey shared that in life, "Sometimes in order to free ourselves we have to break the person we've become in order to find the person we want to be."

Watch her music video for "Shatter Me" feat. Lzzy Hale which as of writing already has more than 11 million views!

Earlier today, Lindsey was able to reach a YouTube milestone as her video for "Crystallize" has already reached 100 million views!

Check out her video for "Crystallize" below!

From getting booted out in the quarterfinals of America's Got Talent to having more than a half a billion views on YouTube, Lindsey has really come a long, long way! When asked about how she feels about the success she's having, Lindsey said, "It's absolutely incredible! It's amazing to think that I've been able to share my love for music with people all over the globe and it's even more amazing that people tell me that my music has helped them."

As for her message to all her fans here in the Philippines, here's what Lindsey has to say:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support. I felt so warmly welcomed by you guys last time I came. I was stepping into a foreign country that I'd never been to before and yet I felt like I was coming home. You were all filled with so much love and I will always remember you for that. I cannot wait to come back!"

Enjoy her amazing tunes and grab a copy of her album "Shatter Me" under MCA Music which is now available at all leading record bars nationwide!

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