Here's A First Look At The Upcoming Film - "PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR"

The boys have got their own movie and you can tell from this first look that it's going to be wickedly good!

The fourth film in the ever-expanding ‘Madagascar’ franchise, ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ finds the title birds teaming up with a secret animal-run spy organization called North Wind to stop an evil octopus scientist from taking over the world. The penguins and North Wind don't really get along, but they'll have to team up to stop an evil octopus known as Dr. Brine on his plan to destroy the world with his toxic formula Medusa Serum.

The original voice cast from the previous Madagascar films are joined by Benedict Cumberbatch - who provides the voice of Classified the wolf, team leader of the heroic North Wind espionage group - and John Malkovich, who plays the animated picture's villain Dr Octavius Brine.

Described as a "spy thriller", Penguins of Madagascar is certainly a treat for children (and grown-ups).

Watch a clip form the film below!

Penguins of Madgascar
In theaters 

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