Watch Disney Princesses Realize That They Don't Need A Man!

Did anyone else grow up watching Disney only to become an adult that didn’t understand the standards of love put forward in those movies?

Well someone put all those thoughts, questions in a video. 

“I’m who I am; I don’t need a man!” sings Queen Elsa. Frozen’s Queen has redefined the generations of Disney Princesses. 

In the two-minute-48-second-long music video uploaded to YouTube, an actress playing the blonde-haired snow queen sings: 'Why does every princess need to have a prince? It's the same old story but I'm just not convinced.'

The hit Disney movie has been hailed as one of the first Disney princess features where falling in love with a prince was not what saved the day. Instead, Queen Elsa gives her sister a refreshingly logical scolding when she asks to marry a man she just met. Yes, really! Now, she’s sharing some of that girl power logic with the other Disney princesses with a new, catchy song!

Watch the video below!

From YouTube User AVbyte

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