Here's How You Eat An Apple Like A Boss

If there's a way to eat something, there's someone out there with a "right" way to eat it. Eating apples might seem like a pretty basic gastronomic skill, but yes, you're doing it wrong.

Luckily, someone made a video illustrating how one can consume an apple the less wasteful way. The person who gets credit for this brilliant apple hack is Geoff at Foodbeast. The traditional style of apple eating, the video explains, can waste up to a third of the super fruit. We're all for reducing food waste, but how does a person eat an entire apple without needing a whole container of floss to clean up the aftermath?

He's actually suggesting that an apple should be eaten from the bottom up with the juicy flesh rendering the often hard core completely edible.

Watch for yourself in the video:

From YouTube User foodbeastTV

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