18 Sweet Treats That Remind You Of Your Childhood

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Nothing evokes fond memories of childhood more than sweets and candy. There are times you just hear someone say a certain candy and it brings you back to being a kid. Candy and childhood just go hand in hand. Whether it be riding your bike to the nearest tindahan or getting money from your alkansya, when you are a kid it is all about the candy. Or at least it used to be back in the day.

Everyone has their own favorite candy, be it the ice candy from your nearest kapit-bahay or whatnot, there's just nothing like the candy you had as a kid. They'll always have a special fondness in your heart. Perhaps some of these oldies but goodies will remind you of the carefree days of being a kid.

The best childhood candy wasn't expensive or fancy really, it was just a treat we remember with great memories. Here are 18 of the best childhood candy:

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Munching one pack of Haw Haw candy is like a journey back to our childhood. Do you still remember how you let each rectangular block melt in your mouth while you savor its milky goodness?

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Just by the sight of this, you'd feel like a kid again. This will always be a part of your fondest childhood memories. This twirly treat is a classic. 

Remember Haw flakes? These are the round reddish brown wafers rolled up in bright pink wrappers or more commonly known as the ostya you use to practice for your first communion.

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Yakee sour gum ball is one to be vert addictive. The coating of the gumball has this many colours and gives the sour taste. Do you agree that the red and purple ones are the best? 

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Those who are looking for a quick chocolate pick-me up can certainly count on this one. It's cheap and the milky goodness of this bite will tickle every child in us.

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This is the ultimate bubble gum of the '90s. Let's admit it, we've all tried to fit ALL of the bubble jug into our mouths.

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Can you believe that this pacifier candies cost only one peso back in the days? 

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You would tear a bit of the packaging and insert the straw that it comes with and sip the milk powder. This would make you cough at times but you won't get enough of this milk powder once you eat it. It really tastes good. 

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This is something we're all missing. In taste, White Rabbit Candy is much like sweetened milk with just right balance of sweetness for me and a nice creaminess. The chew is also really satisfying soft so that you can either chomp on it or just suck on it to make it last.

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Pintoora Bubble is the very sweet gum that the color comes out when wet and will color your entire mouth with a very dark tint. 

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The best part about eating the chocolate coins: tearing off the gold tin foil packaging without cracking the chocolate in pieces. This smooth milk chocolate shaped like coins ave a melt-in-your mouth consistency, with a slight salty aftertaste.

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Buying gumballs will instantly take you on a trip down memory lane. They come in classic flavors and great colors that make them even more enticing to buy.

Airheads are those little taffy strips of candy that chew up and dissolve and come in many flavours like Strawberry and Green Apple as shown up top. They're a bit pricey but for the taste, it's definitely worth it. 

Choki choki is a chocolate flavored paste in laminated tubes for easy enjoyment everywhere at any time.

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These orange jelly candies covered in sugar are definitely "swit." It's the closest thing we had to gummy bears and since a single pack comes with 4 bite size pieces, it's good to share.

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Pinoys who grew up with Curly Tops/Flat tops are everyone's favorite chocolate. And despite the changes, Curly Tops still remains a favorite among kids and adults.

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These butter balls can take you to caramel heaven. It tastes to much like butterscotch and for the price you definitely got a good quality candy.

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These crunchy wafer sticks, gloriously laced with fine chocolate both on its exterior and interior are highly addictive. And as kids, we all went crazy through the biscuit and snack aisles looking for this.  

What's your favorite childhood candy? Feel free to share in the comment section below!