ARTICLE presents "The Ultimate Christmas Greetings Video"

As another decade closes, we recall the year that was. 2009 has become eventful. There were good and bad things, beginnings and endings, and of course the super fun music events you experienced with MYX!

There were a lot of new artists that broke out this year. Especially the young and talented pop hit machines like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Not to mention Miley Cyrus who still had the goods to stay on top of the MYX charts. A number of artists also visited the country to perform for us! We're sure you caught at least one of them! The list is super long! Too many to mention! But MYX sure brought a lot of them here!

Speaking of foreign acts, who wouldn't forget the Korean invasion! 2NE1, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, and a lot more shared their music even though we didn't speak the same language. It made the world a lot smaller and bridged the communication gap by appreciating the same type of music. Of course let us not forget their awesome fashion sense and their cute looks. The Pambansang Krung-Krung Sandara Park even visited for a quick chat with her fans here and abroad! This Korean influx als moo gave birth to MYX's newest baby, Asia MYX! Where they play all your favorite music videos from our friends from other Asian countries! Asia MYX just started and you will see a lot more of it this coming 2010.

We also suffered the loss of some of the greatest artists of our time. The Master Rapper, Francis Magalona lost his battle with leukemia. MYX channel, MYX Mag and gave him a special tribute - his life, his music, and his contribution to OPM. Another huge news is the King of Pop, Michael Jackson's sudden death. He greatly influenced all of us with his timeless songs and his iconic presence.

The great impact of the natural calamities gathered the citizens of the Republic of MYX during the annual MYX Mo! We all gathered together to enjoy a night of music from over 50 artists. No Ondoy, Pepeng, and Santi could've stopped thousands of MYX Mo! goers to rock out under the rain! But that's not all! There was Summer MYX Fest who brought your favorite artists to Boracay! And the coolest musical event to happen in your schools, MYX Slam Jam! MYX Music Awards also honored some of your favorite artists with the coveted MYX Music Award. Who wouldn't forget Sarah Geronimo's big win and the Eraserheads' Magna Award!

But of course, 2009 is's big year! Hundreds of artists already graced our MYX Live Chats and everybody's favorite, MYX Setlist. In a short span of time, we get thousands to millions of hits monthly because of you, our loyal fans! We're sure to give you only the hottest, the biggest, and the coolest exclusive content everytime! Just remember to always log on to!

We would like to thank you for a wonderful MYX year! Next year will just be just as fun! Have fun during the holidays! Have a merry, merry MYXmas and a happy new year to all of you!