Sabrina û The original acoustic sensation is back with ôI Lover Acoustic Tooö

Her debut album topped the charts, her music is making waves in major establishments, she is sought after in international territories such as Thailand and Indonesia --- She is no less than SABRINA -- the newest acoustic sensation to bring back peopleÆs fancy for gentle string sounds and sweet melodies. There may have been a plethora of other Acoustic artists who have emerged left and right, but SABRINA is truly the ORIGINAL songstress who redefined acoustic to a whole new level. After the unyielding success of her debut album ôI LOVE ACOUSTICö, a more refreshing and exciting follow-up is bound to take the acoustic fever to a higher level with her latest release under MCA Music, ôI LOVE ACOUSTIC TOOö.

After the undeniable success of her first album which has achieved the GOLD STATUS in Thailand and the Philippines and nearing the PLATINUM status in Indonesia, her 2nd album I LOVE ACOUSTIC TOO vows to be more promising, integrating a more refreshing and vibrant track list and making people fall in love with gentle strings over and over again.

I LOVE ACOUSTIC TOO features the ORIGINAL acoustic sweetheart and Awit AwardsÆ Acoustic Artist of the year SABRINA with her acoustic renditions of ôMs. Brightsideö, ôBleeding Loveö, ôInsomniaö, her carrier single, ôBecause of Youö and more! A symphony of relaxing sounds coupled with SabrinaÆs sweet voice gives modern hits a unique vibe, making it truly worth listening to. With less than a month after its release, the acoustic fever rises as ôI Love Acoustic Tooö climbs to the top of the retail charts in the country! The new album has already managed to make it to the Top Bestsellers of major record bars such as Music One! Her first album, ôI Love Acousticö was also in the Top OPM Bestsellers in the Charts of Odyssey Music and Video! ôI Love Acousticö and ôI Love Acoustic Tooö have been deemed by critics as the best acoustic series in the country, sweeping beating other movers and shakers and big names in the international and local music scene.

The Metro has indeed been ôacoustic-fiedö! Songs from the I LOVE ACOUSTIC have also gained massive airplay in establishments as well as the airwaves; tracks from the album have also been used for various themes and programs from MAJOR television networks in the country.

It is no surprise why people couldnÆt get enough of this breakthrough offering. Giving pop hits a different twist, this album transports listeners to a realm of relaxation and provides audiences a revitalizing feeling. It also hits the sentimental touch point of the young, taking them to a trail down memory lane through the songs they have grown up listening to.

I Love Acoustic Too is on sale in all major record bars nationwide. I Love Acoustic Too is exclusively released through MCA Music Inc.

Watch Sabrina's acoustic performance on the MYX Setlist