The arithmetic of Taylor Swift's success

What does one artist, 2 albums, 8 number one songs, 24.3 million music downloads, more than 20,000 album copies sold in the Philippines, 48 awards and 62 nominations equal to? TAYLOR SWIFT! She is the most in demand artist who concentrated on one genre but surpassed the preferences of many! In return, she got dozens of awards and recognitions that only music legends get to enjoyà until she came along.

ItÆs hard to believe that Taylor Swift has come up with such a fruitful equation already since she only started her career last 2003. She started writing songs at age 5 and got to showcase her talent at age 13, where she signed with a record company but eventually decided to change labels since she didnÆt want to sing other peopleÆs songs. It was the same record label, called Big Machine Records, an affiliate of MCA Music Inc. that Taylor Swift started to mark her place in the industry.

Her long line of awards started with the highly acclaimed Horizon Award from the Country Music Association for her first single from her debut album, Our Song. Then came her first Grammy nomination but at that time, disturbed Amy Winehouse bagged the award for Best New Artist. Despite her loss, the country music world continued to shower Taylor with praises as they gave her awards from the groups Country Music Television and Academy of Country Music Awards where she won Video of the Year, Female video of the year and Top New Female vocalist.

As she turned 18 and realized that most of her dreams came true, she allotted some time for love as she started dating Joe Jonas of the famous Jonas Brothers. Yet, before her year ended, they called it quits and all Taylor Swift could resort to was to write a song inspired by their breakup, entitled Forever and Always that was included in her sophomore album, Fearless.

It was her album Fearless that gave Taylor Swift hit after hit after hit especially here in the Philippines. Her songs Love Story, White Horse, You Belong with Me, and Fifteen seated on music charts for several weeks in a row and each of them reached the number one spot. As expected, her album gained platinum status in the country and is now on its way to becoming double platinum. Internationally, her album gained its first award as album of the year given by the Academy of Country Music Awards.

It was an irony that an award brought Taylor Swift to embarrassment as her win at the Video Music Awards took a wrong turn with the controversial Kanye West scene incident where he interrupted TaylorÆs speech and told everyone ôBeyonce had one of the best videos of all-time.ö It was a blessing in disguise for Swift as she gained the sympathy of the masses including President Obama which earned her more publicity, all that West could do was call her up and apologize.

Now that Taylor Swift is back on her feet from her brush of mishap with Kanye West, she bags herself Twilight star, Taylor Lautner who ended up, as the critics say, Taylor SwiftÆs luck charm. By the end of 2009, Taylor Swift found herself on a pedestal of awards and nominations where she took home 4 awards from the Country Music Awards including the highest award for the night, Album of the Year and 9 nominations for the upcoming GrammyÆs.

The arithmetic of Taylor SwiftÆs success is one formula that had its ups and downs but prove to gain the most phenomenal results towards its peak. Some say it was her looks her talent some pinpoint her songwriting prowess that enabled her to reach the top. Yet, no matter the reason, one thing shall always hold true, the star that is found within Taylor Swift is far from going dim.

The newest version of Taylor SwiftÆs album, Fearless Platinum Edition is now available at your favorite record bars.

Watch out also for the new song of Taylor Swift from the movie of the ValentineÆs season, ValentineÆs Day, Today was a Fairytale that will be included in the original soundtrack of the movie that also includes her hit song, Jump then Fall.

Fearless Platinum Edition is exclusively brought to you by MCA Music Inc.



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    WOW ! so NICE :D

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    congrats! Taylor your a very good singer and song writer keep it up we'll support you...

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    congratulations Taylor for the success you've got and enjoying now!!!!!...hope you will get millions of millions than dozens!!!!