Slapshock makes the cover of the February to March 2010 issue of MYX Mag

On our cover is Slapshock, and after 13 years in the music business, they definitely deserve to be there. Read about how they have survived without line-up changes and how they are still making new fans here and abroad. Another band who's making waves outside their own country is Tokio Hotel, and we've made the German band our pin-up! If you're a fan or just curious about the boys of Tokio Hotel, you better grab a copy of this issue!

If you love the local music scene, then you are gonna enjoy 25 Things About Mong Alcaraz, MYX Space with Young JV, MYXposed with Showtime's Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz, and since the MYX Music Awards is just around the corner, we also have a full list of the nominees for this year!

But we also have features on foreign artists! Read MYXclusive interviews with Lenka and Westlife, get to know 4Minute in Asia MYX, and go green with envy as MYX Mag Editor-In-Chief shares his experience watching Green Day live in Hong Kong!

What are you waiting for?! Grab a copy now!