4Minute ôFANödemonium took Manila by storm

They ate adobo, rode a jeepney, drank lots of mango juice and learned several Filipino phrases and languages. Most importantly, they captured the hearts of many Filipinos, and they fell in love in return. Reason enough that 4Minute couldnÆt hold back their tears as they went back to their hometown in Seoul Korea.

Upon landing, it was evident in their bright doll-like faces how excited they were to land for the first time in the Philippines. A bit oblivious of how everything will go during their stay, all five of them gracefully and energetically made their way to their tour van well prepared and prepped up for their appearances, even memorizing Filipino phrases that said We Love You, Thank You, and even how to introduce themselves in the Philippine local language.

Their tour began with several appearances on TV. One was the highly anticipated MYX Presents where they performed 5 songs and even had an interview and interaction with their fans. It was the first time Filipinos got a taste of their raw talent and all were blown away. 4Minute was gracious enough to add another song to their performance, the highly infectious Anjulae. MYX Presents 4Minute shall air this month of February, hosted by VJ Chino.

4Minute also was interviewed by You can check out the behind the scenes of their taping on MYX on this link (plus the interview).

The next day, the girls had a press conference, a radio guesting at Tambayan 101.9 and DZMM, and a showcase penned on their schedule. 4Minute was dolled-up in school girl inspired ensembles but still styled so uniquely, that it was a breeze to distinguish one from the other. Their appearance at Tambayan 101.9 became a memorable fit for the girls as they learned an expression that they used all throughout their stay which was Bonggang Bongga! The press conference on the other hand was filled with juicy questions about comparisons with other Korean girl groups and most especially, questions about their name. When asked why they named themselves 4Minute, the girls immediately answered this û We named our group 4Minute because we can capture any audience in just 4 minutesàwhich was proved to be true throughout their tour.

SM Mall of Asia was packed with the biggest audience ever to hit the Event Center. A diverse mix of spectators ranged from children to oldies and from boys to girls and gay alike. There were also core Korean nationals who screamed their way to reach 4Minute but a majority of the crowd was Filipino. Not only did the audience know the lyrics to 4MinuteÆs Korean language songs, they also knew the dance steps to 4MinuteÆs hits - Hot Issue, Muzik, What a Girl Wants and many more! The album signing session also became a gift û giving activity with special treats that the fans made for their favorite 4Minute member. 4Minute was so ecstatic with what happened with their first showcase, their management (Cube Entertainment) needed to make adjustments with their appearances in the next two malls to accommodate as much fans as possible.

The next day, 4Minute made their way to ABSûCBN compound for their WOWOWEE TV appearance where they performed What a Girl Wants. Word of their popularity reached even more people that during their show in SM Megamall, the crowd became so thick it became uncontrollable that the show had to be paused for a few minutes to ensure the safety of the audience which was 4MinuteÆs top concern at that time. The fans from the SM Mall of Asia show were also present during the 4Minute showcase in SM Megamall. The show became such a huge success that 4Minute got a boost of high adrenalin that they even got the energy to do some swimsuit shopping and take a dip in the infamous pool of their official residence, EDSA Shangri-la Hotel after their day was done.

The last day of their activities became bittersweet. 4Minute as well as the team from MCA Music kept counting off the minutes before the day was over. Despite their busy schedule, with an appearance at ASAP XV, and a mall show in SM North EDSA, 4Minute made time to say hi to all their fans. Their mall shows in SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall and SM North EDSA Annex were record breaking successes as stats started to come in about the attendance and album sales that the group has accumulated during their short stint. Whopping thousands of mall goers and album sales reached news in Korea and the Philippines simultaneously! 4Minute was so overwhelmed with the results that they even recorded a special message that says that they will miss their fans, the 4Nias as they leave. As a special gift, 4Minute even came up with an encore for their last show which was a remix of Hot Issue. They also extended their time in signing albums and memorabilia. Their last day ended with a sumptuous dinner in a Chinese restaurant where the girls with their entourage gave several group hugs to all who helped them during their stay.

The group left for Seoul mid morning, with outfits that were simpler than usual and faces that were as natural as sunshine. The true beauty of 4Minute shone through as they prepared for their departure. At the airport, the group together with Cube Entertainment presented signed, imported copies of their album For Muzik to the team of MCA Music who also had two members who were from the fans club of 4Minute in the Philippines. As everyone said their goodbyeÆs, tears started to fall and a new bond was formed between people who were a thousand miles apart from each other but now found themselves bonded by one thing that theyÆve grown to love all together - music.

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