Chicosci gains ground in Asia

With a rock solid local following and a string of chart-topping hits, Filipino rock band Chicosci is currently conquering Asia as they further gain ground in the regional music scene. Having already toured in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, the band recently wrapped up a show last February in Hong Kong with post-hardcore legends, Glassjaw. Being huge fans of the New York-based band, the boys describe the opportunity of a lifetime. Asked about their experience, vocalist Miggy Chavez muses in disbelief, ôNot in a million years did we think weÆd be opening for our heroes. It was never on our æto-do listÆ because we always thought it wouldnÆt be possible.ö

Aside from Glassjaw, Chicosci has also opened for other popular international acts like Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and Thursday. In a recent show in Manila, Saosin vocalist Cove Reber got a chance to hear ChicosciÆs music and responded in recent tweet, saying ôListening to (Typecast) and Chicosci. I miss those dudes. Manila support your scene! Everyone else, these bands rule.ö

If these arenÆt enough, ChicosciÆs first single off of their latest releaseùFly Black Heartsùhas recently been named the ôFavorite Rock Videoö at the 2010 MYX Music Awards. The video, helmed by the visually driven style of director Pancho Esguerra, was said to have made a good impression on another foreign musician: MAE vocalist, Dave Elkins.

With all the acclaim Chicosci has been receiving here and abroad, itÆs no surprise that the band is more pumped than ever to make 2010 another significant year. From the recent release of their second video for the single, ôBreathe Again,ö to beginning yet another nationwide tour, Chicosci shows no sign of slowing down. And that, they say, is a promiseùwherever you are.

Grab a copy of their latest album ôFLY BLACK HEARTSö under MCA music available in all major record bars nationwide. FLY BLACK HEARTS is released exclusively under MCA Music Inc.