Nikki Gil's "Somebody To Love"

On her third album, Somebody To Love, NIKKI GIL embraces her sophistication being a woman-in-love and the joy of newfound independence in such a way that we seem to be witnessing the moments when a young artist has a staying power and hereÆs something to prove it.

Now, five years and two albums later, Nikki has her own sound that welcomes the weighty rhythms of contemporary, mainstream pop which she sings with intensity and sweet defiance. Somebody To Love, her third studio effort, starts promisingly with the lead single SOMEBODY TO LOVE, penned by her sister Dani Gil (who also wrote NikkiÆs past single HEAR MY HEART).

Her past albums under Polyeast Records (EMI Philippines) have given her journey towards a wave of ambitious young songster where she fit neatly into the movement of OPM pop female singers that ranged from the pop/R&B of Alicia Keys to the jazzy Norah Jones and whose success may even be visible both on TV and movies. Such success at such a young age, Nikki has brought in a unique and shockingly mature dose of talent to the music industry. ôMy new album will mark my contribution to OPM and it has something for everyoneö she adds. As she somewhat bafflingly says in her poem, ôTo those who have loved the music in me. And have mentored me through time. To those who have penned these hymns of love. My song, you have helped me findà And to you who hold a copy of this music. If I may fondly wish above. All things, that you may find and cherish. Somebody to love" which likely means that these were indeed intended to those who took part of her musical journey.

As Nikki unleashes more of her craft particularly in how she blurs lines between classic soul, modern rhythms, jazz, pop melodies, and singer/songwriter sensibility-- highlight of the album gives us a real-love-masterpiece singing with Billy Crawford in the compelling YOU ARE MY LIFE, which was also penned by Billy himself. Collecting songs from the finest songwriters and producers, NikkiÆs album boasts masterpieces from David Pomeranz, Marcus Davis, Wency Cornejo, Arni Mendaros, Dan Gil and PolyeastÆs Chito Ilagan. In this album Nikki somewhat pushes her boundaries as a young artists with her effortless singing on the beat-driven IÆLL BE YOURS, moody BAWAT HAKBANG to pop/R&B tune DONÆT BREAK MY HEART. She has matured her style slightly with a superb collection of lush and dreamy soul-tinged, R'n'B influenced tracks that highlight and complement her remarkable vocals with original songs like I WILL BE LOVING YOU, MAGBABALIK KA PA BA, TIME AND AGAIN, LAST LOVE and; a brilliant and inspirational I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. A refreshing female version of male angst in the song KUNG WALA KA, originally from the band Hale, where a new energy is injected into the song is also one of the album's highlights.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE clearly evinces NikkiÆs growth as an artist. And as the new album befits the thrust of her vocals, she overcame challenges to make a confident, well-crafted modern pop record that engages and rewards a 5-year old career after her debut in 2005 with the self-titled album, her contributions to High School Musical OST (Asian release) in 2006 and 2007, and another studio album Hear MY heart in 2008. Now, the new CD Somebody to Love where almost every track deals with the ups and downs of love, truly a mature, sophisticated album which precedes to her a new woman paving her way to the top of her craft.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE, the album from Nikki Gil is now available in the market released by Polyeast Records. You can also watch Nikki perform her new singles at the following shows:

March 26 (Friday): Robinsons Galleria
April 11 (Friday): Robinsons Sta. Rosa
April 16 (Saturday): Robinsons Place Lipa
April 17 (Sunday): Robinsons Starmills Pampanga