Listen To VJ AI's "Lost Stars" Cover!

Photo from Ai dela Cruz's Instagram

3 a.m. is a time for refuge and release, for dreams and adventure, creativity and imagination. It's the best hour people catch on a wave of brilliance and it's also a fun time to keep an ear toward the Internet for re-imaginations of our favorite tracks. The cyberworld can have plenty of surprises in the realm of cover songs.

VJ Ai has just posted one, sharing it to all her Twitter followers: "First soundcloud post! Yey! :) Just felt like doing a cover at 3 in the morning 'cause this song was in my head for days, so I grabbed my guitar, placed my phone on my lap, opened the Voice Recorder app, then hit the red button! Didn't know it was that easy to post here on soundcloud! Yey. I'll probably do this more often. Any requests? :)"

"Lost Stars" is the gorgeous song created for the soundtrack of "Begin Again." Now quit thinking about that Facebook movie trailer you once saw and bask in and enjoy this simple and beautiful rendition below!

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