What NOT To Wear On Rainy Days

No one likes being caught in the rain, but thankfully there are some magazines and websites that give you tips on what to wear and when to wear it. However, finding an outfit during the rainy season can be really challenging. Rain can be an aspiring fashion lover’s worst nightmare. Dull, shapeless outerwear, frizzy hair, and runny make-up may ruin your entire style. Especially here in the Philippines, wherein we only have two seasons - rainy and dry. So instead of giving tips on what to wear, let's talk more about the don'ts in fashion in this crazy weather. 

1. Something that really needs to be paid attention to during this time of year is the type of shoes that you wear.  It is completely miserable sitting in class or stuck at work after you have stepped in a puddle and water completely soaked through your shoes. Ditch those slippers and ballet flats and be smart when adding finishing touches to your outfit, try rocking a good pair of brightly coloured rubber boots that can give off a pop of color. 

2. Avoid suede and other materials that can suffer water damage. Do not carry any bags in this material or wear any shoes made with this material. Unprotected leather can also get ruined in the rain. This can be a complete disaster. Stick with the plastic ones. Alternatively, a rubber riding boot or a leather boot with a waterproof coating can give your look a sophisticated edge.

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3. Keep your sundresses in your closets. These are a big no-no! There's a reason as to why it's called sundress, it’s intended to be worn when the sun is out and bright. You really don't  want to have your legs full of dirt or mosquito bites.

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4. A heavy rain day can ruin your perfect makeup day and no matter the weather, there’s simply no excuse for running around with fuzzy hair and melted mascara raccoon eyes. Aside from the obvious—read: waterproof mascara and eyeliner and avoid the irritating face-melting effect of heavier makeup and high humidity, by wearing some color from a lightweight products.

5. An umbrella is your ultimate must-have piece of accessory this season. But the cute little umbrellas won't do you any good. Although we know that umbrellas have a tendency to get lost or damaged with relative ease, opt for a something that's actually designed to endure strong winds, the extra longevity may be worth the price tag.

Got anything to add to these tips? Feel free to leave it in the comment section below!