Franco Live at the Eastwood Central Plaza as "Castaways" unite for ôThis Gatheringö

After sweeping the music scene with their carrier single ôCastawayö, powerful group FRANCO continues to elevate the sound of rock to the core.

Not long after they broke into the music scene, the band has already managed to impress and capture the interest of various critics and audiences armed with their dynamic blend of smashing bass lines, punching drum beats and melodic sound. The undeniable musicality radiating from each band member is insurmountable; hailing FRANCO as the ôPowerhouse bandö and the next big thing to watch out for in 2010!

Now, itÆs time to step to the farthest side as all forces collide to celebrate the biggest rock event to hit the town this season.. All Castaways will unite to celebrate THIS GATHERING, FRANCO LIVE AT THE EASTWOOD CENTRAL PLAZA! Happening on May 1, Saturday, 8 pm at the Eastwood Central Plaza, featuring FrancoÆs all-original self-titled album under MCA Music, with their striking hits ôCastaway,ö and ôThis Gatheringö and more.

Purchase FrancoÆs self-titled album at the Eastwood Central Plaza to gets special seats and be upclose and personal with the band! Get the chance to win special items on this rocking night!

With an ALL-ORIGINAL album, FRANCO vows to give a fresh kick to music with a blend of various musical influences (such as rock, alternative and reggae) injected in their tracks. Other cyclonic tracks include ôSeasonsö, ô Next Train Outö, ôMemory Killö, ôThis Gatheringö and more.

Grab a copy of FRANCOÆs self-titled album available in all major record bars nationwide to experience fresh, raw, unadulterated music in its truest sense. FRANCO is released exclusively under MCA Music.

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