Learn How To Be A Rapper In This Hilarious Video

Rap music, usually hip-hop, has become a world-wide phenomenon. With successful rappers often making songs describing their vast wealth and party lifestyles, who wouldn't want to get in on the action? Just look at your favorite rapper and all you see is the glory—the chains, the cars, the groupies, the trips overseas, the acclaim from hipster publications. But more than that, rap is a powerful form of artistic expression that makes music out of the complexity of human language, not simply the human voice.

Breaking into the hip-hop industry is not easy.

Thankfully, Nigahiga explains several ways you can make a name yourself in the current market in his latest video. From the profane to the profound, from light-hearted joke rhymes to violent tales of urban struggle, rap songs can be about anything and Nigahiga covered has covered it all for you (literally).

Watch the video below and laugh out loud!

From YouTube User nigahiga

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  • quiaomaria

    posted 3 years ago


  • quiaomaria

    posted 3 years ago

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